Plan Options

You've got enough to focus on around campus: classes, studying, work, and extracurricular activities. You shouldn't have to worry about your next meal as well. A meal plan allows you to gather with your friends, eat a nutritious meal and participate in fun events and activities.

*All students living on campus are required to have a meal plan. First and second year students may choose either the Purple or Gold Meal Plan. Students on campus in their third year or beyond, can select either the Purple, Gold or Copper Meal Plan.*

Gold Meal Plan:  9 Meal Swipes per week + $1,100 *Flex Dollars - $2,575.80 per semester

Purple Meal Plan:  7 Meal Swipes per week + $875 *Flex Dollars - $2,038.38 per semester

Copper Meal Plan: 5 Meal Swipes per week + $825 *Flex Dollars - $1, 669.50 per semester 

Meal Swipes expire each week

*Flex Dollars are formerly known as Declining Balance.

Each Meal Plan provides Flex Dollars to use for weekday breakfast and lunch, and Meal Swipes to use for nightly dinner and weekend brunch.

Left-over Flex Dollars carry over from fall to spring semester, and from spring semester through the end of May Term (first 4 weeks of summer) if enrolled in May Term classes.

 Meal Swipes will not carry over from week to week or semester to semester

Birch Meal Plan
$546 per semester

Commuter students are not required to have a meal plan but can voluntarily sign up for the Birch Meal Plan ($546 per semester). Commuters may also purchase one of the resident meal plans.
Additional Flex Dollars may be purchased through our website here. Flex Dollars will be attached to your student ID card and work just like a debit card. They are dollar for dollar and you can use them at Campus Dining at Shaw Student Center or The Winged Scholar Coffee.