Students add, change or remove meal plans through Westminster Student Accounts. Students can either email, call or walk in to make changes to their meal plans.
All students living on campus are required to be on one of the resident meal plans for the entire academic year.
*All students living on campus are required to have a meal plan. First and second year students may choose either the Purple or Gold Meal Plan. Students on campus in their third year or beyond, can select either the Purple, Gold or Copper Meal Plan.*
Commuter students are not required to have a meal plan but are encouraged to participate in any of the three resident meal plans or the Commuter (Birch) Meal Plan ($546 per semester). These plans can be charged to your student account and may be covered by financial aid. Students sign up by contacting the office of Student Accounts.
The meal plans are set up as a declining balance account (like a debit card) that students can use to purchase food and beverages from different stations (a la carte) in Campus Dining at Shaw Student Center or at the Coffee Shop at Basis. When a purchase is made, the student’s meal plan is reduced by the price of that item. Pricing is comparable, or in most cases less than dining locations off campus and purchases made with meal plans are exempt from sales tax.
Dining Dollars are additional funds that can be placed on your student ID card and work like a debit card. They are dollar for dollar on purchases across dining locations on campus.
Dining Dollars may be used at The Coffee Shop at Bassis or for any food and beverage from Campus Dining at Shaw Student Center.
Ask your cashier to print your receipt with the remaining balance at the bottom
Yes. Dining Dollars and Meal Plan balances will roll over from the fall to spring semesters if students are enrolled in classes, but they do not carry over from one academic year to the next.
Only within the first two weeks. To change your plan, you'll need to go to the eRezlife portal on the Residence Life webpage.
No, all students must use their own valid Student ID Card to purchase food on campus.
The General Manager for Campus Dining and our Executive Chef will be happy to assist you. They can meet with you to discuss your specific needs and provide tools to help you navigate your dining options. We also have a registered dietitian available if you would like a more in-depth consultation.